Saturday, March 9, 2013

Colorado Springs

A New Place: That is what I dwell in now. I haven't posted in this blog for quite some time. In the interim, I have graduated and up and moved to this foreign place known as Colorado Springs. I am finally doing what I have dreamed of since the eighth grade. I'm teaching at a local school here known as James Irwin Charter High. I don't claim to be perfect, but I will say that waking up every morning with a purpose and feeling of utter elation is worth it--worth all that I put into succeeding in education. Worth all of the money and time.

Knowing that you're being used a vessel, that you're being used in some way to bring down the Kingdom, is a phenomenal feeling. To be used by the King of the Universe is a huge honor and compliment. It's hard here sometimes, feeling connected to ministry and even evangelism but disconnected from the people and things I've known for so long.

It's a wonderful time of connection to God though. I have never felt more filled up and a true part of my father's work. No man could ever replace the relationship I have with Him now. I have the best father, mother, and lover ever. I cannot comprehend how a mere man could ever even catch my attention when I have someone as phenomenal as God. Guess that's better anyway: Because my God will have to show him to me. Furthermore, I will know that this man, whoever he may be, can never be the God I am so in love with. Helps a lot with expectation levels. He'll simply be a fellow vessel and follower I can serve our real MAN with. Seriously, though I have been lonely here at times, I am so happy that God has used that to draw me to Him. To help me abide in Him even make me understand that I honestly need nothing else. If my job, my roommate, the potential of a husband and children, if all of it was gone tomorrow....for the first time, I actually feel that I'd be content. Imperfect but content.

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  1. You're awesome! So glad to hear God is using you so well! I'm praying for you girl!
    As Dr. Krabbendam loves to say, "When Jesus is everything, you can take everything away, and you still have everything left!"
    Heaven will be here before you know it, it's so good to spent for His sake.